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Fake Samsung Batteries

The online market is flooded with Sellers that are selling fake counterfeit Samsung batteries. When you purchase a Samsung battery online, your chances of receiving a counterfeit battery are far greater than receiving an Original battery. The quality of a counterfeit battery is very poor compared to an Original. These batteries can also damage your phone. The over charge protection circuits in the counterfeit batteries often fail which leads to overcharging of the battery which can result in the battery exploding! You will be able to roast marshmallows in the resulting fire! These counterfeit batteries are much cheaper than the Originals. Is saving money more important than your personal safety and property?

We have put together a video that shows our Samsung batteries are Original and how you can detect a fake Samsung battery. Watch the video below:



Please share this webpage with others on Facebook, Twitter, Email, Etc. The more people that know how to detect a fake Samsung battery, the harder it will be for Sellers to sell them.

Greenify Tutorial

This will show you how to use the Greenify app to save your battery life on Android devices. If you don’t know, Greenify will put your other apps into hibernation, it will save your battery life and free up memory on your device.


This is how you are able to get more battery life on your Android by using Greenify:

1.) Download and then install the Greenify app from the GooglePlay Store.

2.) Open up Greenify once its installed, and the select apps to put in hibernation.

3.) Simply tap “+” to add your apps that you want in hibernation.

4.) Scroll down and then select “Show More Apps”, and then select all apps to go into hibernation.

5.) Press and hold the app. Once you have the app highlighted, then select the other apps. Once you have selected all the apps, simply click the mark icon to place these apps into hibernation.

6.) Trigger the Manual Hibernation for all Pending Apps.

7.) You should now be able to see a short list of apps that are pending for manual hibernation. Select these apps and then click the “Zzz” to begin hibernation. Simply wait for a few seconds and the process will be complete.


That is all you need to do. All of your apps are now in hibernation mode. This app will remain asleep until you manually launch it. Greenify will prevent these apps from draining your battery, memory bloating, and auto-restarting the apps from preventing your Android from its best performance. Now you can have improved battery life and be sure to share this app with your friends.

Samsung Battery Drain Solutions

Are you having trouble with keeping your Samsung battery charged? If so, don’t worry you are not alone as this is a very common issue with Samsung Galaxy batteries. We are going to go over some solutions that may fix this.


 Solution 1: Using Apps


The first solution you should give a try is installing Greenify, an app that could increase the battery life. What it does is hibernate all of your apps, and they activate only when you are using them yourself. It will check the inactive time and when it hits a certain amount of inactivity, it puts the app to sleep. This will help increase the battery life on any Samsung Galaxy.


Basically, it prevents the apps from running in the background without you knowing.

Click here for the Greenify Tutorial


 Solution 2: Change Settings to Extend Your Battery


 If you use the auto brightness feature, then the first step to take is turning this off and setting the brightness at a lower level than the max, but not so dim you can’t see the screen. This is a simple method, but very effective when it comes to extending battery life.


 Solution 3:  GPS Location


 If you haven’t already, try to limit or fully disable the GPS feature. Samsung batteries will end up going dead much quicker if you have the GPS enabled. This is because there is more than just Google that is using the data to track your current location, such as on Facebook.


 To limit the GPS tracking on a Galaxy, do the following:


 Navigate to Settings > Location> Mode, From here you will find three more options to choose from:


 High Accuracy: This uses the GPS, the Wi-Fi and even the network in order to figure out your current location. This can really drain the battery.


 Device Only: This uses the on-board GPS.


 Battery Saving: This mode helps reduce the drainage to the battery.


 If GPS location isn’t needed, you can also simply turn the feature off. Select the mode based on your situation. There may be times you don’t need it on, and other times when you’re out for a run and turn it on just in case something happens.


 Solution 4: Sync settings


 Are you connected to apps like Facebook and others that feature push notifications? By disabling the sync feature you will be able to increase your battery life by reducing the amount of unwanted notifications.


 If some of the push notifications are important, there is a way to choose which ones you can still get.


 Solution 5: Check your Battery Settings


 At this point you have reduced the brightness, saved by disabling the GPS box and others, now it’s time to review the stats in the battery settings. This will give you a list of the things which have taken up the battery life. There are many things you can try in order to increase the battery life.


 To see what could be draining your battery the most, go to Settings > Devices > Battery. From here, you will be able to view the top reasons for battery usage. To improve the battery usage for each app, simply tap on the three dots, then choose how you prefer it to be adjusted. You can choose to never activate, or when the battery is at 5% or 15%. Doing this will help reduce your overall battery usage.


 The above solutions can be customized to fit your personal needs. None of them are required to operate the basic features, only you know which settings you can do without to extend your battery. The Greenify app can greatly increase the battery life on it’s own, so the other solutions are just to help get every drop of power out when needed.


 Hopefully you were able to improve your Samsung Galaxy’s battery life by using some of these solutions. This will allow you to get the longest life you can from your battery without having to constantly worry about the phone dying.